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About us

Our story

A few years ago, I decided to meet my twin sister in Hawai'i, who was staying there to learn English and surf. She returned to France but I stayed there: I fell in love with this island, the waves, and especially my future husband!

We later gave birth to our first child. For me, breastfeeding was obvious, a perfectly natural gesture. Breastfeeding Your Child: Simply Magic!
I had the perfect conditions for breastfeeding: a suitable climate for wearing light clothes, places with little traffic.

When we decided to visit France, in a cold region and a more restrictive environment, I started to think about my adaptation to breastfeed under new conditions. I thought, "If only I could make some simple openings with zips on all my favorite clothes."


So I asked myself the question: why keep these clothes just for breastfeeding? Why not wear them during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and afterwards?

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Why Kalo Collection ?

The Kalo / Taro plant is known in Hawai'i not only for its culinary but also spiritual virtues.

In Hawaiian mythology, the dearest wish of Wākea (the heavenly father) and goddess Ho'ohōkūkalani (the star mother) was to become parents. Their first child was born but he was stillborn. The child's body was buried near their house where his mother came to collect, cry.


A plant grew there; nourished by the love and tears of a mother. This Kalo plant was named Hāloanakalaukapalili. The couple later gave birth to a healthy boy named Hāloa, in honor of his older brother, the kalo.


From Hāloa, the Hawaiian people were born. According to this legend the Hawaiians are linked to the Kalo; a connection to the past and their responsibility for the future as well as the importance of nature: source of life. One way of describing the link between Man and Nature and the link between the Past and the Future.

Kalo Collection

KALO COLLECTION has become obvious to me: to combine respect for nature and union with my family. A small contribution to respecting the environment for the next generations.

KALO COLLECTION is just like breastfeeding: natural, simple, original.

Natural for the materials (organic cotton and natural ink).

Simple for colors, patterns, cuts: a timeless collection.

Original for production in Portugal: my mother's country of birth.

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