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Packaging ⊍ ⊍

You will receive our products in compostable or recycled packaging. Always with a view to reducing our carbon footprint. The stickers and labels on the packaging are also compostable.


If, however, you wish to return the item ordered, you can reuse the packaging received thanks to the two reusable adhesives.

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag
Silk Rolls

Selected materials ⊍ ⊍

The selected materials are eco-responsible and non-toxic: organic cotton and ink.

If we do use polyester, it will be recycled polyester. 

The materials and the factory in Portugal are certified Oeko-Tex®.

Fashion, and therefore pleasure, must be reconciled with respect for the working conditions of men and women in Portugal and respect for materials.

Philosophy ⊍ ⊍

Nursing clothes were in essence designed to be worn for a limited period of a mother's life.

The discreet openings and comfortable cuts of this collection can now accompany you before, during and even after breastfeeding!


Kalo : ecological, sustainable, original.

Mother Baby Bonding
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